Saturday, November 26, 2011

Vanderbilt Mansion @ Hyde Park, New York.

Beautiful Architectural Landmark

One of the most beautiful houses I visited in New York.
Built from 1896-1899 by architects Charles Follen McKim and Sanford White in Beaux-Arts style for Frederick W. and Louise Vanderbilt. 
The interior was lavishly decorated with fine furniture and decorations; and today the Mansion still contains its original Italian and French furnishings, European tapestries and beautiful Oriental rugs. Louise Vanderbilt had her bedroom modeled after the Marie Antoinette Chamber at the Palace of Versailles. 
From the mansion and grounds visitors can see fantastic views of the Hudson River, Hudson River Valley, Catskill Mountains and surrounding countryside.

The Vanderbilt Mansion was one of the most modern homes of its time as it contained indoor plumbing, a forced air central heating system and even had electricity that was generated from a hydroelectric power plant located on the property. The hydroelectric power plant was located along Crum Elbow Creek on the property so the electricity for the estate was self-supported.

Christmas at this majestic drawing room
( NO camera allowed!)
Gemma Kahng

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