Friday, January 13, 2012

Grand Heraldic Panels from the 1939 World's Fair

A massive polychrome decorated and parcel-gilt plaster heraldic panel depicting John Churchill, Duke of Marlborough, Knight of the Garter.

Sculpted by Gilbert Bayes from designs by Gerald Cobb,
for the British Pavillion of the 1939 Worlds Fair.

Dimension: 102" H x 98" W

There are 14 Grand Heraldic Panels at the New York Christie's.

The large panels depicted modeled and colored heraldic shields that were crafted to illustrate the history of England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales. 
The 14 panels convey fourteen preeminent individuals who epitomizes the importance of Great Britain's genealogy and insignias that were emblematic of each individual and family's contribution as ambassadors of Great Britain.


Using a panel at a foyer in New York City high ceiling loft would make a great statement! 
And it would certainly be fun for a boy's bedroom!

This could be great for a reception area or conference room at a corporate office that relates to British's history or economy?

‎" In restoring a house one must first realize its period, feel its personality and try to bring out its good points. " 
- Nancy Lancaster

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