Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dartmoor England

It was my first visit to Devon that late summer ...
I left my footprints at Dartmoor.
Dartmoor is a beautiful area of moorland
in center of Devon, accented with wooded valley and
wind swept Tors (the old celtic word for "tower").

A wide-open expanse covering 369 sq miles.

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Classical music was specially playing in the car ...
was told to accompany the experience
of this stunning beautiful area.
I remembered vividly
that my eyes were wet
and my heart was racing so fast -
I melted.
It was so surreal
I was happy
very happy

about Everything!
(I pinched myself to be sure if I was not in my dream!)
I was doing " Sound of Music" at Dartmoor

... was told that prehistoric remains are found all over the moor
... this area features some of the wildest and bleakest country in England, this isolated landscape with weather conditions - mist, rain and snow that can change in minutes.
Celtic Warrior and Chariot


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