Thursday, April 7, 2011

17th Century Dutch Fort at Pangkor Island

Kota Belanda/ Dutch Fort
The Ruins
This is a 330 year old stone foundation of a Dutch Fort built in 1670 at Teluk Gedung village.
It was one of the Dutch strongholds against pirates and local Malays. Also, during the Dutch occupation in the 17th century, tin supplies from Pangkor and the mainland were stored for protection in this fort.

Nevertheless, the Fort was destroyed by the locals due to unfair treatments from the Dutch. However, the Dutch returned with full force to rebuild the Fort, and 60 Soldiers were commissioned to protect the Fort until 1743, when it was finally abandoned after a local warrior, Panglima Kulub, and his followers attacked it.

What left now is nothing
but only a ruin.

Viewing the sea from the Fort. Garden is the later addition.

Viewing the Ruins from the front Canon.

Village next to the Fort.

Malay house next to the Fort.

A short distance from the fort is the Sacred Rock.
On this massive rock, drawings of a tiger mauling what is believed to be a child. It was believed that the boy was the son of a Dutch dignitaty who disappeared and was said to be attacked by the tiger.

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