Tuesday, April 19, 2011

East Lambrook Manor, Somerset, England.

This is the first English Cottage I visited. when I arrived here, I thought I was seeing a postcard.
This is really a charming picturesque English cottage.

East Lambrook Manor, regarded by many as the 'the home of English cottage gardening' the garden was created by Margery Fish Between 1940 - 1969. A plantswoman, writer and journalist. Mrs Fish became one of the most influential gardeners of the 20th century.
Her work led to a revival of interest in many old English cottage garden plants and the saving from extinction of many native plants. The informally planted garden at East Lambrook is consideres as one of the finest examples of English cottage gardening.
Do you care to join me for a cup of sweet cream tea and scone? How about take a saunter at the garden? Or read a book underneath a tree in the Garden? We can bake a cake or biscuits? Or just dreaming by the window looking out the garden? or take out your easel and watercolor and brushes and paper and do a painting that you have been wanting to do for years? .....

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