Thursday, June 16, 2011

Element of Style: Stone Benches

Antique stone bench
always give character to a garden.
Design of the garden can be 
classic or modern design,
with the right piece of stone bench
can make quite a statement.

This little stone bench I saw at
Brooklyn Botanical Garden has added
an extra charm to this garden. 

I equally loved this "more majestic" stone bench 
I came across at @ Knightshayes Court
at Tiverton, England.

This is a formal garden, I remembered when I sat on it,
looking at the beautiful garden and surroundings,
I felt like I was at the Edwardian or Victorian era!

Some of these benches below are simple,
not only it allows to rest your feet,
it also gives character to your garden;
whether it is traditional or modern garden.

I love seeing this antique stone bench in a modern garden.

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