Friday, January 8, 2010

Andree Putman

To not dare is to have already lost.

We should seek out ambitious,
even unrealistic projects ...

because things only happen when we dream.

~ Andree Putman ~


  1. Regarding all of her 'fantasy' comments, that she is famous for making, everyone knows that any so-called 'dream' without money behind it WILL NOT fly. That IS FACT not to be ignored yet I see rarely stated.

  2. Hello Thom
    True true true
    every so-called "dream" needs money ... one could have money and have no "dream" or "vision" ... one has to keep pressing on, believing that your 'creativity" will attract money ...
    I read her quote as one has to have the gut to dream, and go after your dream ...
    Dare to dream.
    Dare yourself to be different.