Thursday, January 7, 2010

Elements of Style - Chinoserie Lantern

This Italian vintage Chinoserie piece caught my attention at
John Yaconetti Antique. And my imagination just
go a little wild.

I would love to see this as a center piece
in an event
with beautiful floral arrangement
from inside
to outside and surrounding it.

It would be lovely to be a bird cage for a garden room!

How about have an aquarium with gold fish or
exotic tropical fish inside the cage?


Various sizes and heights of candles
inside the cage.
Shadows created when all candles lite,
it would be quite an ambiance.


Let me hear your ideas?

Patinated Copper Vintage Chinoiserie Lantern
Italy 1940's
Italian patinated Copper Vintage Chinoiserie Lantern
with pagoda top


  1. Hey u r very creactive !!
    I like the bird cage and aquarium.
    How about display unit for precious stone or Jewelry exhobition ?

  2. Absolutely!
    As a display case for Jewelry!
    Would make a great statement for an interior space and products in a gallery.